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5 Reasons to invest in Real Estate Opportunistic Credit

In our latest white paper, we discuss the five key reasons for investing in real estate opportunistic credit.

The interest rate hike cycle has drastically re-priced credit in favour of lenders on both an absolute and relative basis.

The transaction set for real estate opportunistic credit is expanding significantly. Thematic opportunities – liquidity based financings and (di) stressed scenarios – that have largely been absent for the past 15 years are potentially vast in size.

Despite talk of price discovery, the basis of real estate valuation is, in our view, far less precarious than in the zero-rate era.

For investors we believe an allocation towards private real estate opportunistic credit can increase diversification, pursue high absolute and relative returns and reduce market correlation. In particular, the UK and European lower mid-market (£20-40m tickets) offers a wealth of attractive opportunities yet vastly reduced competition.

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Student Housing: Passing Surge or Graduating to the Big Leagues?


The depth of real estate markets goes significantly beyond mainstream conceptions of CRE. More nascent sectors (that in our opinion have long offered better value) have started to attract investor attention due to robust NOI performance and continuing growth potential. PBSA is one such sector – one out of the 26 distinct sub-sectors we actively cover at Zenzic!

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PIMCO advocating an opportunistic approach to real estate


Pimco’s recent report ‘Real Estate Reckoning’ talks how their outlook for commercial real estate investing largely advocates an opportunistic approach to capturing value in real estate markets.

Our Opportunistic Credit strategy is a value driven investment strategy that provides capital in scenarios where market inefficiencies and/or transactional idiosyncrasies create liquidity demands that can drive enhanced risk adjusted returns.

We work with real estate borrowers on a solution orientated basis providing capital for recapitalisations and refinancings, time-crunched transactions, acquisition led growth strategies as well as distressed and stressed scenarios. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch

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UBS and Reed confirm £900m life sciences deal with GSK


Post the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of a high-class life science industry is self-evident. Yet the scale of the industry, and the resources required to sustain it, are perhaps still underappreciated. In our white paper, we looked at repositioning secondary office sites into life sciences assets.

UBS is doing just that with this exciting development in the Golden Triangle.

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