Senior Living – The Asset Class for the Future

Speed Read

  • The immediate development opportunities in the senior living sector are clear, with policy initiatives, delivery targets, and an ageing population indicating a prosperous future 
  • Recent estimates forecast an annual increase of c.190,000 of UK residents aged over 65, increasing the relevance of senior living 
  • Retirement Communities offer a great combination of various income streams alongside capital growth opportunities, compared to other traditional asset classes 
  • Senior living appears resilient to the impact of Covid 19 and has not diminished investor appetite, with attractive yields still apparent 
  • Recent research by Knight Frank detailed a £1.40bn investment in the UK for housing with care in 2021 – an increase on the previous year – and a further £1.85bn has been committed for investments in the sector in 2022 

Senior living has been a recurring discussion for a long time and while it may seem as though it is progressing more slowly than it should, the appetite from the investment community combined with the positive market dynamics will inevitably lead to it becoming one of the most critical asset classes globally from a socio-economic standpoint.

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