Special Situations

We focus on idiosyncratic real estate opportunities across the UK and Europe

Funding Solutions

Zenzic invests in all major real estate sectors, across the capital structure and on a short and longer term basis (12 months to 5 years +).  This investment flexibility allows us to tailor our funding to transaction requirements and to capture alpha wherever it arises. 

Our team is drawn from leading real estate credit institutions with operational responsibility for over $2bn AUM. We pride ourselves on the quality of our research, the thoroughness of our diligence and the precision and ingenuity of our deal execution.


Zenzic takes a strategic equity stake alongside exceptional management teams in differentiated real estate platforms. 

Loan Term

3 - 0 years

Ticket Size

£ 0 m+


Providing solution-based capital for liquidity requirements caused by factors unrelated to risk including:

Loan Terms

12 - 0 mths

Ticket Size

£ 0 m+


Opportunistic led transactions in stressed or distressed scenarios including:

Loan Term

0 mths +

Ticket Size

£ 0 m+

News and Insights

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Nadine Buckland, CEO of Zenzic is speaking on the 3pm panel at the GRI Club Credit Opportunities & Real Estate Debt

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