Month: July 2023

Why this is the ‘Golden Era of Credit


Interesting to hear Bruce Richards discussing with Institutional Investor why he believes for the first time in 20 years, credit will offer better absolute returns than equity. He explains why we are now in a Golden Era for Credit, where not only can you earn an attractive rate of return in the liquid credit market, but a super attractive return in private credit markets, whether its asset based or middle market lending, as well as seeing a big distressed cycle coming through.

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Opportunistic Credit: Weakening Credit and Tightening Lending Conditions Drive Compelling Value


Came across an interesting report by PIMCO who, like us, believe higher interest rates and tighter lending conditions are creating a very attractive environment for opportunistic credit managers with flexible capital to fill large liquidity gaps.

In Europe, investors need to work with experienced real estate investors, who have the experience and skill set to not only source the most attractive opportunities, but also understand the complexities and vagaries of Europe’s restructuring laws.

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Michael Gove relaxes planning rules to create more homes in city centres


The UK Government announced today its plans to relax planning rules to create more homes in city centres. In a move welcomed by many, Michael Gove said he wants to make it easier to convert empty retail premises and betting shops into flats and houses and to promote urban regeneration.

We believe that this will lead to increased demand for real estate capital with specialism in asset re-positioning – something Zenzic have significant experience in.

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The Inheritance Tax (IHT) landscape today


Against a backdrop of recent rises in asset values, higher volumes of wealth transfers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a frozen nil-rate band until at least April 2028, more and more families are slipping into the IHT net. How could Business-Relief qualifying investments help investors and advisers navigate these market conditions?

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Senior homes on the up – but UK still faces huge shortfall


Zenzic has long viewed senior living housing as a growth sector and it’s good to see React News reporting that the number of completed senior homes is up 6% at the end of last year, according to Knight Frank. They estimate that around 50,000 new senior homes are required to be built annually to accommodate the UK’s aging population – up from the five-year average annual delivery of 7,511. This means only 15% of the stock required to meet demand is currently being built.

Last year, we produced a white paper discussing the investment development opportunities in the senior living sector with policy initiatives, delivery targets, and an ageing population indicating a prosperous future.

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Meet the Manager Interview with Intelligent Partnership


In a Meet the Manager interview with Francesca Eastwood in the latest Business Relief Update from Intelligent Partnership, Tom Lloyd-Jones discusses our investment strategy, some of the key characteristics we look for when choosing investment opportunities and why we believe asset backed lending is a good strategy for those thinking about their estate planning.

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